If you are looking for an adventure and love coffee, you are at the right place.

Here, you’ll find more about:

  • Places to travel to on a budget rich with culture, art, and of course, coffee
  • Tried and tested coffee recipes. I also share some breakfast recipes for coffee pairing.
  • Meet artists from the various places I have traveled to and learn some of their unique techniques.
  • Visit my shop. I create resources, travel guides, and products to make planning your next trip easier.
  • It is no secret; I value my readers. You will find most of the juicy stories, tips, specials, and resources in my newsletters. You can binge-read them over here and catch up.

Who is Latte?

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For the love of coffee

When I say coffee is life, I don’t just mean that figuratively! I seek out all of the best coffee in my travels, and have connected with many local roasteries to bring you inspired recipes and ideas to spice up your morning brew.

That travel bug

If you’re itching to travel too, I’ve got you covered! Not only can you read all about my own adventures across the world here, but I can also help you plan your next vacation. The world is a beautiful place, and there’s never been a better time to explore it!

Art and culture

Grab that cup of coffee and get ready to get lost in the art and culture section of my website. I’ve visited countless museums and galleries across the world and am sharing all about them with you here!

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